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The Temple of Knowledge is a digital learning platform based mainly on the prayer of the Mujer Canal de Luz translated into experiences that connect women with their capacity to be Channel.


It is the body that supports the spirit  that provides various teachings that lead women to recognize her abilities that are born from the deep feminine. In the temple we display our virtues to embark on the path of the soul.


As part of the Knowledge, we go through the structure of the prayer that supports the entire altar of Mujer Canal de Luz, passing through the houses of Venus, Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades and Orion to enable them from our body in relation to the elemental life of Gaia.


The temple is erected from its central axis, a right and a left pillar, which provide stability to the structure, which is represented at each point by a member of the MCL central team.


The temple garden is made up of various flowers that perfume the field of the Great Altar. The women of the Prayer Council, as well as collaborators who resonate with the prayer are those flowers that share their virtue and medicine, nourishing the Temple of Knowledge with therapies, courses, experiences, prayers and meditations from their warm hearts.

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