The Temple of Knowledge is a digital learning platform based mainly on the prayer of the Mujer Canal de Luz translated into experiences that connect women with their capacity to be Channel.


It is the body that supports the spirit  that provides various teachings that lead women to recognize her abilities that are born from the deep feminine. In the temple we display our virtues to embark on the path of the soul.


As part of the Knowledge, we go through the structure of the prayer that supports the entire altar of Mujer Canal de Luz, passing through the houses of Venus, Sirius, Andromeda, Pleiades and Orion to enable them from our body in relation to the elemental life of Gaia.


The temple is erected from its central axis, a right and a left pillar, which provide stability to the structure, which is represented at each point by a member of the MCL central team.


The temple garden is made up of various flowers that perfume the field of the Great Altar. The women of the Prayer Council, as well as collaborators who resonate with the prayer are those flowers that share their virtue and medicine, nourishing the Temple of Knowledge with therapies, courses, experiences, prayers and meditations from their warm hearts.



You can take the experiences INDIVIDUALLY or experience ALL the medicine that the Women of the Temple of Knowledge share and live a process of deep immersion  from your own channel of light, recognizing the Altar that holds  our Prayer.

If your decision is to carry out some experience (s) individually, you should know that each one has different costs.
Here you will see  the information of the experiences that can be taken independently.

  (To register and see all the details of costs, dates and times, enter the poster of each event in the lower gallery)

◁  The voice of the entrails>  Paula Techari (Spain) 

Constellation of your inner child> Valentina Chandía (Chile) 

Abundance and prosperity from the roots> Jessenia Vigorena (Chile)

Female Lineage: Constellation of Daughters, Mothers and Grandmothers>  Valentina Chandía (Chile) 

Create your circle of women - start your altar> Pamela Cruz (Chile)

Sagrada Criação> Cecilia Nizarala (Brazil)

Jornada do caminho quádruplo> Rafaella Ricciardi (Brazil)

◁  Personal Power> Cris Nishimori (Brazil)  

If your decision is to carry out the ENTIRE process with us, we offer a value that includes all experiences.

That value in turn has 5 payment options, you can choose which of them suits you by virtue of your financial reality.

What does the entire Temple program include?

9 Experiences shared by  the Women of the Prayer Council.

7 Channeled Experiences that will connect you to the MCL Altar Medicine from Venus, Orion, Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius, Heart and the Womb of creation.

20  workshops, experiences shared by international MCL Women, partners of prayer, who give us the opportunity to enjoy the essence of their sacred trades.  

A total of 36 keys to navigate within you  and remember the wisdom of the  Woman Channel of Light that you are!

All the tools that we will share are for your self-recognition, empowerment and transformation from the connection with the cosmos, so that you assume the place you came to have in the world.




55 USD ~ 43,000 Chilean Pesos

1000 Mexican Pesos ~ 280 Reais


Celebrating the flourishing of Knowledge until 9/22


66 USD ~ 50,000 Chilean Pesos

1,300 Mexican Pesos ~ 340 Reais


USD 77 ~ 59,000  Chilean pesos

1,500 Mexican Pesos ~ 400 Reais  


88 USD ~ 67,000 Chilean Pesos

1,700 Mexican Pesos ~ 450 Reais


99 USD ~ 75,000 Chilean Pesos

1900 Mexican pesos ~ 500 reais 


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