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We are an international association of women that works for the integral well-being of women and therefore of those around them; we walk towards the understanding of the feminine in the totality of its meaning and we act starting with our own work. The body of Woman Channel of Light is sustained by The Womb and the Prayer Council. The womb is a collective of 8 women who practice different branches and philosophies of environmental and human care. We expand from sharing our services to the community through the facilitation of educational processes, the accompaniment of women as well as the sharing of medicine in its various varieties (regenerative agriculture, medicinal plants, sound, therapy, temazcal, art, channeling , meditation). Finally we complete our sacred trinity by honoring the Earth and contributing our service to the care of the organic bond between her and the kingdoms that inhabit her. 


In resonance with the understanding of living as part of a macrosystem, we were called by Nicole Postel to co-create Woman Channel of Light; temple which consist in:

Space formed by women, where we weave our knowledge to facilitate meeting spaces through various platforms that lead us to a healthy ecosystem development.

This meeting fluctuates between Chile and Brazil. Its structure is based  in the teachings of the star houses of Venus, Sirius, Orion, Pleiades and Andromeda; knowledge that is transmitted to us through cultures, ancestral civilizations and channels. 

A space with a virtual and face-to-face format to facilitate learning of the branches that transmit the essence of Woman Channel of Light and connect women with their ability to be Channel, to settle the Divine in matter.

We are also guardians of the preservation of the territories where this prayer is based.

We are gestating the uprising of the Canal de Luz Women's Midwifery House in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.


To be channels for the manifestation of experiences that promote the development of women in their path of consciousness from the deep feminine, based on love and Good Living.


Establish and expand our International Association Woman Channel of Light, acting as agents of transformation from the individual in women to the lifting of the foundations that recognise the Rights of Mother Earth as an essential part for human and social development from a culture of peace.


Provide a socio-spiritual platform sustained in an ecosystemic focus, which allows the development of women in their role within Deep Ecology and makes available spaces for reconnection with their own internal nature, through integral practices of self-care from ancestral wisdom and contemporary holistic health tools.

∗ ☽ CHANNEL ☾ ∗

The MCL Prayer has been channeled and is absolutely sustained from that essential art which is to be in presence and connection with the Whole.

Keeping the Spirit of Prayer unchangeable is our mission as Guardians. Constantly approach and shed our egoic individuality that seeks to control / direct something that already exists in other dimensions and that only needs channels to reach Earth.

Our learning is to be receptive to access the guidance that comes from the spiritual spheres and thus be able to consciously manifest the divine annual plan for this project.

∗ ☽  OFFERING  ☾ ∗

We make offerings of crystals and of what the spirits of the territory require. This act's mission is to give spiritual nourishment and to return to the Earth and to each of its kingdoms the spiritual GOLD that corresponds to it from the principle of RECIPROCITY.


To synchronize with the evolution of the Whole, we work our emotional body to align ourselves with the balance of the Mother's emotional body. We pray for the emotional body of Gaia from the connection with our emotions and feelings. We pulse that the prayer of each woman is magnetized by the return of harmony and unconditional love.

The focus of the prayers of the emotional field are the Waters, since we understand that from them the path that connects all the elements, kingdoms and dimensions extends.


We have a field that sustains the Prayer that is carried out during 6 consecutive full moons starting from the full moon of wesak.

The World Network is one of the ways to convene and bring together the Women of the World around the theme of Water, from awareness building, activism and prayer.

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