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The compass of the Heart marks the path for us.

This beautiful 8-year cycle began in the territory of Wallmapu, 2020, where more than 170 women from all territories were gathered to meet and remember each other, to be a tribe, to be Red.

In 2021 we raise our prayers at the feet of Iemanjá, Mother of the Sea. On the Cacao coast in Bahia we seed ourselves.

In the year 2022 we met at the foot of the Millallipen mountain -Wallmapu - where its Sacred Waters gave us a beautiful balm of love and cleansing of our emotional field, giving our waters a free flow, which went down the river to be integrated into all of existence. 

And that all the medicine that is shared and co•created be for the greater good of all Beings.

Open PATHS and blessings until we meet again.

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