Mujer Canal de luz



The light of Venus that flows through everything, guided the way to manifest this new cycle, grounding two transcendental pillars for the evolution of our prayer - we root ourselves with “concentration and depth”.


Iemanjá, Mother of the Sea, opens her arms to welcome us to the cocoa coast, an ancestral territory covered by the Atlantic Forest and its millenary biodiversity. In this territory we receive the blessing of the sunrise looking towards the East, where we see the Sun emerge from the Atlantic Ocean, while our feet receive the warm waves with a breeze that blows from Africa.


In this second meeting, we settle the body of MCL that holds the prayer that began in the mountains of Wallmapu (Chile) in 2020 and that continued flowing to finally merge into the Great Brazilian Mother Sea.


From November 25 to 29, 2021 in Serra Grande, Bahia, Brazil we are called to come together. The call is open to 30 women who feel touched by th spirit of Woman Channel of Light in their hearts and wombs. Wanting to strengthen these two pillars to give continuity to their personal, tribal, community and planetary commitment, from this altar of Water, praying for the cosmic balance.


Open roads on the trail and blessings until we meet again.